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Brand Story

Who We Are


MAZARIN is a optimal combination of German’s maritime heritage, elegant yacht design, reliable top-end facility and environmental-friendly high-tech material. Just like a brilliant diamond emerges from precise cutting progress, this philosophy inspired us to name our yacht—MAZARIN---“A diamond on the water”.

MMG-MAZARIN MARITIM GmbH is based at one of the world’s most famous port cities- Hamburg, Germany. In 2012, a brand new shipyard plant was established in Qingdao, China.  Mazarin is the first shipbuilder in China that provides one-stop service for the world’s rapidest growing market. MAZARIN owns and manages a complete supply chain for the customers including design, production, quality control, maintenance and after-sale service.

About Logo

Born in the 17th century in Italy, Cardinal Jules Mazarin was an important French diplomat who also acted as the tutor for King Louis XIV. He reigned as the chief minister of France and was a great book enthusiast, who owned a large private library. Furthermore, he had a great affinity for the beautiful things in life such as precious jewels. At his request, the so-called “Double Cut” was designed, which was later named after him and became known as the “Mazarin Cut”.

When searching for a suitable name for our yachts, we came upon this illustrious name. Just like a brilliant jewel emerges through precision cutting, it requires several milling operations of high geometrical precision to shape a very special jewel: A MAZARIN yacht-A Demand On The Water.



About the slogan


A MAZARIN yacht is a magnificent precious jewel whose beauty is beyond imagination. MAZARIN is committed to carry on the German quality and innovation application to achieve an everlasting iconic yacht product. 

The unique perspectives on design, German quality heritage, premium materials and customer services uphold by Mazarin marked the brand out from its competitors. German quality and craftsmanship 

is the result of high performance of the carbon fiber, dynamic design and high-end equipments from well known suppliers. High efficient after sales service is also an expression of its luxury nature.  

MAZARIN has always been and always will be “A diamond on the water”.

Brand history

A hundred years of Shipbuilding Heritage 

The predecessor of MAZARIN MARITIM is Rostock based Neptun shipyard (Neptun Werft) with over 160 years of history. It was one of the most renowned shipyards during the period of German Democratic Republic. Over 1500 new ships were built here and thousands of vessels were repaired at Neptun for the shipowners from all over the world.

In 1994, parts of Neptun mergered with Abeking & Rasmussen to form the new A&R Neptun Boat Service GmhH. Since then maintenance and repair work carried out on more than 600 yachts and ships which belonged to the German Navy and German authorities.


Mazarin-“A diamond on the water”

In 2002, Mr. Hans-Hinrich Schulz acquired A&R Neptun Boat Service in order to produce high-class luxury motor yachts. MAZARIN was created in 2006 with efforts of the very best engineers, designers and producers. The name of “MAZARIN” was taken from the “MAZARIN Cut” which was the predecessor of contemporary diamond-cutting process.

As the first model of the series of MAZARIN yacht, MAZARIN 72 Sports Fly is designed to offer dynamic performance, high-end sophistication and continuous driving pleasure. Since the its premiere MAZARIN yacht has attracted a great many elites and professions, and received enormous amount of positive feedback.


Present & Future

MAZARIN established its brand new shipyard (total planning area is more than 100,000sqm) and facilities in Qingdao, China (Tianheng provincial tourism resort) for the Far East market, particularly China market. The product range of MAZARIN covers yacht from 45ft to 105ft, among which 66 feet, 72 feet motor yacht, 72 feet sailing yacht and 54feet catamaran are major products.

Germany craftsmanship and innovation process is implemented in the new shipyard. All the components use on the yacht, such as high performance engines, generators, electronics and interior accessories, are all from world-renowned premium suppliers. And Mazarin is one of the earliest brands that introduced carbon fiber reinforced plastic into the production of yacht. Since 2012, MAZARIN became a member of CFK Valley---the world-leading network for carbon fiber material.


The production of MAZARIN 72 Sports Fly 007 started in July 2013 at the new shipyard in Qingdao. The whole process including yacht design, technical requirement, production, quality control and staff training meets the standard of German quality.

The construction of MAZARIN 72 Sports Fly 007 is completed in November 2014. In January 2015, the production of MAZARIN 66 001 & 72 008 started. 

MAZARIN attended 2015 Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show and Dubai International Boat Show. With its unique design and outstanding appearance the Mazarin yacht attracted many affectionate eyes.


Qingdao new base at a glance