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German Heritage:
The predecessor of MAZARIN MARITIM is Rostock based Neptun shipyard (Neptun Werft) with over 160 years of history. It was one of the most renowned shipyards during the period of German Democratic Republic. The shipyard has repaired and maintained more than 600 yachts and ships for German navy and German authorities. MAZARIN MARITIM manages a complete supply chain that meets the standard of German innovation and quality.

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Market Position:
MAZARIN is a manufacture and innovator of premium luxury yacht. The core competency of MAZARIN yacht derives from the optimal combination of reliable German quality and efficient Chinese production. Customer oriented corporate value makes sophisticated customers highly attracted to Mazarin.

For every single MAZARIN yacht, a team of skilled German technicians is in charged of the whole process including yacht design, technical requirement, production, quality control and staff training. MAZARIN yacht is certified with “GL Yacht Plus”Germanischer Lloyd, which is the best proof for its professional quality.

MAZARIN yacht is designed by world famous designers --- Beiderbeck designs, Frank Neubelt and Christian Grande. It is a perfect combination of elegant style and dynamic performance.The simple lines of the hull and a refined details of the interior are the signature design features of the yacht designers.

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MAZARIN yacht is equipped with MAN marine engines. It is the best engine one could hope for a yacht. A Mazarin yacht features high performance, high reliability, low consumption and long lifetime.

MAZARIN has always been a pioneer in the application of high-tech environmental friendly materials.For that reason, MAZARIN is engaged in the research and development of lightweight constructure of the yacht. The application of carbon fiber reinforced plastics not only reduced a great deal of weight of the hull, but also enhanced its handling agility and acceleration ability. Since 2012, MAZARIN became a member of CFK Valley---the world-leading network of carbon fiber materials.

All the materials used during the construction and all the equipments and accessories installed on Mazarin yacht is from world-renowned suppliers. For example, the vanity accessories are from DORNBRACHT, hydraulic system is from Bosch, and all the electronics are from Miele and LOEWE, the entertainment system is from BOSE. The hydraulic platform also makes Mazarin a superior to its fellow competitors.

MAZARIN upholds customer-oriented corporate value. All-round service is available 24/7. Mazarin is the first shipyard in China who can offer one-stop service to customers all over the world, from the very beginning of designing, production and construction, maintenance, finance service, and training to the highly-efficient after sales service.

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