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Unique design of Mazarin yacht—Interview of chief designer Frank Neubelt

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Q1: Compare with the well known Italian and British luxury yacht brands, what makes Mazarin unique in terms of design and quality?

Frank: The design philosophy of Mazarin yacht is very unique. It’s main goal is the pursuit of simple lines. From the design of Mazarin 66ft yacht to the design of 72ft yacht, though the space is a bit compromised the striking streamline appearance is achieved. There are many yachts in the market, yachts that mirrors each other on the exterior design and share similar lines. But we seek is a clear, simple and unique style.

The premium quality of Mazarin yacht is generated from the close cooperation between German technology and Chinese production plant. The quality is embedded and presented by the No.7 yacht of Mazarin 72 sports fly model. As you can see clearly through comparison, the quality of Mazarin yacht is even better than some of the well-known luxury brands who emphasis on design.

Q2: What are the design objectives of Mazarin brand?

Frank: The design objectives of Mazarin is those groups who have good taste in motor yacht. For them, a yacht is a villa on the sea, but it can also serves the purpose of enjoying sailing and pursuing of extraordinary maritime driving pleasure.

Q3: what are the advantages of lightweight design?

Frank: In the aspect of marine engineering, the most important factor affecting the dynamic performance of a yacht is weight. Therefore, lightweight application is a major feature in the design of Mazarin yacht. For example, we used a lot of carbon fiber in the construction of Mazarin 72 sports Fly motor yacht. Though we pursuit lightweight design we need to ensure the safety of the yacht at the same time. Because when the motor yacht is running in high speed its gravity center is elevated. And when the yacht is accelerating it will jump on the waves. So we made a lot of analysis to coordinate the hull line design and the weight factor. A good product is a harmonious combination of design and performance. As you can see from the video of Mazarin 72 yacht sailing in the sea, its performance is very stable. And the twinkling tail wave is very pleasant to the eyes.

Q4: How would you describe the characteristics of Mazarin 72 motor yacht in a few words?

Frank: Simple yet extraordinary, a combination of aesthetics and functionality, highly integrated and safe

Q5:  what do you think of the design trend of luxury yachts?

Frank: I think the design trend should always follow the different lifestyles of different countries. For Mazarin yacht, we have adopted a more international and simpler design. We intend to attract the potential clients with high quality products, to arouse customers’ emotional resonance.

About Mr. Frank Neubelt

Frank Nebuelt had been attached with the boat even since he is a child. When he was 10 years old, his father built a boat which was designed by a famous designer of that time. He was 11 when he started to get to know sailing boat. And by the age of 18 he already attended many regattas. Therefore he got acquainted with many boat builders and learned more about boat building. During this period, Frank had worked for a Danish shipyard. And he participated in the design of a sailing boat for the first time in his life in the beginning of 1990s. Throughout the 1990s, Frank’s design studio did many sailing boat and motor yacht projects, including engineering, shipbuilding, production planning, interior design. Since 2000, the team of 7 people grew to a team of 15 due to business growth. Shortly after that Frank was commissioned at Fort Lauderdale to design a 70m super yacht. Since then he has began a new life of designing yachts for more than 10 years. From 2000 to 2005, Frank’s studio participated in the design of 50 yachts, 10 of them being super yachts. And he was awarded 5 times by international organizations. Frank has been designing Mazarin yachts as chief designer since 2010.

Awards he won:

Twice won the Yacht Design Award by “ShowBoat”

Twice won the Super Yacht Design Award by “Boat International”

An International Super Yacht Design Award 

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